Deliberate Practice – Set Written Goals!

The more I study the top performers, the more I realize success is all about doing the little things consistently.

Larry Fitzgerald just had another amazing season for our Arizona Cardinals. We continue to hear that he practices harder than anyone and he has a series of drills (like catching a ball thrown over his head from behind him) that make him ready to be a superstar on game day.

This month our drill is to get a few written goals for the year. I’m still amazed how many people fail to take this simple step that will make all of the difference. Somehow when our goals get written downput on display and shared with others they start to come into reality!

Write down clear and specific goals for the various areas of your life; business, finances, hobbies, friends, health and spirituality. Give your goals to someone and ask them to be fearless about holding you accountable to be your best in 2012!

As always, send me a copy if you want some free feedback from someone who loves challenging you out of your comfort zone!

Let’s make 2012 a great year by doing the little things very well!  

Master Certified Coach