Going Uptown

Today I ventured out for the 25 minute walk to the funicular. The funicular is basically like a light rail pulled by a cable. The funicular took me up the hill to Taksim Square and the Istiklal Avenue shopping district. Its like two worlds combined. Small shopkeepers alongside the biggest names in retail. The long wide street is closed to traffic except a vintage cable car that transports shoppers.  At every corner there is a little side street with other shops and cafes.

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I was tempted for some familiarity when I saw the Starbucks, but I don’t even frequent it much at home, why start now. Like shopping anywhere, I lost interest pretty quickly and made my way back toward my hotel. I hit a sidewalk cafe for a sandwich and coke and called it an afternoon. It always amazes me how I walk miles in distant places, yet rarely do it at home. I need to get more pedestrian back home. I promise I will walk to work at least once before the hot weather is upon us.

Off to the university tomorrow to begin teaching the coaching class. Really looking forward to connecting with the Turkish leaders. Connecting with leaders from another culture is going to be an enriching experience. I’ll keep you posted.

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  • Wednesday, May 11th, 2011
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