Coaching Embraces Transparency and Access to Information

Look at the media, internet, etc.  We pretty much know all there is to know about everybody.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, it’s all right there to see.  Part of the story that a coaching leader conveys is that there are no secrets.  Coaching leaders say “Let’s get our performance out in the open so we can see it, be accountable, and find ways to improve.”  One of the cornerstones of a great coaching leader’s organization is that everyone is accountable for their piece of the puzzle and we can all see each other’s pieces.  Not that we want to make anyone wrong or find blame, on the contrary if we are going to be a great team it is critical that we all know what everyone is doing.

Coaching is an accelerator for learning and development.  If it is, in fact, a very competitive world, and we must continue to get better, then we must find the best tool to help us get better.  That is coaching.  Coaching is all about:

  • Accelerating development,
  • Holding people accountable for results, and
  • Winning in the marketplace.

Technology and systems are important, but the most important resources in an organization is human capital.  It is one of the resources that is the trickiest to impact and again why coaching is so critically important.

  • Posted by Coach Pete
  • Tuesday, August 31st, 2010
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