Effective Communication is the cornerstone of business performance

One of the backdrops of coaching and business coaching is performance.  Executive coaching and business coaching are designed to help participants find new awareness, techniques, and strategies so they can be more effective at what they do and reach higher levels of performance.

To be in a position to evaluate performance, we must first be able to define performance.  In the business world there are several ways to measure performance including:

  • Profitability and financial strength
  • Customer/client satisfaction and retention
  • Market share in comparison to the overall market

Underneath all of that usually we look for promises and commitments made to each other, our customers and our key stakeholders.  These promises and commitments often show up in the form of job descriptions, position descriptions, and annual performance reviews.

At Peak Performance Coaching and we claim that human beings are linguistic beings.  Our ability to make effective and reliable commitments to each other is at the very heart of performance and personal satisfaction.  Our coaching focuses on effective communication (speech acts) between individuals and groups of individuals.

Coaches are trained in listening and observing in ways that enable clients to uncover and see ways in which their language is inhibiting performance.  Most of the organizations we work with cite communication breakdowns as one of the most common forms of organizational dysfunction.

One of the cornerstones of our work is to coach business owners and business teams to be better observers of their communication.  Only when you can begin to truly see what’s going on, you can start to take new and more effective action in the moment.

Begin to practice being a better observer of your organization’s communication style and breakdowns and you’ll be well on your way to reaching higher levels of business results, performance, and personal satisfaction!