Business Results Increase With Long Term Under Performer

Executive and Coaching Highlight Reel:  Sit in on a recent real coaching session to get a sense of how CEO Coaching can not only improve business results, but the CEOs personal satisfaction.

Phoenix, Arizona – October 1, 2009

(My CEO coaching client is being held accountable to bringing a tangible business result to validate the Coaching.)

Coach:  How’s the coaching going with Jeff? (client’s long term under performer)

Client:  His attitude, engagement, and results have noticeably improved!

Coach:  Why do you think that has happened?

Client:  I think now he feels like he and I are working together to solve his problems and raise his performance.  Before it seemed like I was “harping on him” and he was “full of excuses” why he wasn’t doing better.  Now we are having a coaching session once a week reviewing last week’s results and strategizing and committing to new techniques to improve.  At first he was a bit reluctant and not open to the Coaching.  Each week he has become more comfortable with the coaching conversation and the process.

Coach:  Congratulations!!  What should you do next?

Client:  Not sure.

Coach:  How can you get even more of this?

Client:  Point out that I notice a better attitude and the impact it’s having on results?

Coach:  Exactly!  So are you going to have that conversation with him?  (new commitment)

Client:  Yes.

Coach:  By when?

Client:  At our meeting on Monday.

Coach:  Please send me an email after your meeting on Monday and let me know how it went.

View from Coach Pete:

When my CEOs learn how to be Coaching Leaders they create a stronger, more collaborative relationship with their staff.  Ultimately it is built upon repetition and practice (consistent coaching by the leader) and builds trust and personal accountability. 

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