Deliberate Practice – Emotional Self Regulation



Here’s your deliberate practice and highlight reel for this week:

Nothing makes me more frustrated than not being able to be connected to my hard drive, to my resources, to not be able to communicate or access my files.

Actually brain scientists have shown us that is exactly what happens to us (can’t connect to our hard drive) when we are overrun with emotions in difficult or frustrating situations.

The highlight reel for this week is from an executive I am coaching.
She called this week and said, “It was great! I had a very difficult, upsetting situation and I noticed that I took a breath and was able to stay calm and maintained my resourcefulness, creativity, and problem solving through the work we are doing.”


This deliberate practice is called emotional self control and regulation.  It’s like a muscle you build so that when arrows are flying at your head when you are upset or when a breakdown occurs with your staff, team or customers – you are able to take a deep breath, stay connected to your resources, solve problems, and be creative.  You will be more successful and more satisfied in what you do.

That is your deliberate practice for this week. Practice it. If you have a question about it or need help call me. Get out there and build this muscle!

  • Posted by Coach Pete
  • Thursday, September 22nd, 2011
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