3 Things Business Professionals Need to Learn from Olympic Athletes

I’ve always thought business professionals can learn so much from high-performing athletes.

Here’s a quick list of three lessons you should take away from the Olympics:

  1. PRACTICE is the key to greatness. Think about how many hours of practice Olympians put in before they ever get to the competition. As business professionals, you need to give yourself and your team time to practice and rehearse a few critical elements of your game to be a champion.
  2. TINY IMPROVEMENTS MATTER. The difference between being a medal winner or not is usually a split second or two. Keep pushing both yourself and your team to stretch and get that extra bit of results – it can make all the difference when you hit the finish line.
  3. BE GRATEFUL TO BE IN THE COMPETITION! Sure, we all want to win gold, and when I listen to Olympians’ stories I hear how grateful each athlete is to be competing. Embrace the process of working hard to be your best and take it on as a lifelong journey. Don’t let your place on the medal stand define your whole existence, find joy in your determination and hard work!

Where’s your mindset in regard to achieving greatness in your profession? Are you ready and willing to put in the practice it takes to be the best? Are you enjoying the process?

Pete Walsh is a demanding, courageous and playful Master Coach in Phoenix, Arizona. He is the founder of Peak Workout Business Coaching and the Family Business Performance Center. He can be reached at pete@peakcoach.com.

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  • Thursday, February 15th, 2018
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