Get Full Access to Our Family Business Deliberate Practices™

I have been working with family businesses for over 15 years and spent 50 years living in close proximity to my family business, Walsh Bros. Office Equipment.

I’ve developed the Family Business Deliberate Practices™ which have real world, specific exercises that I guarantee will give you and your family the tools to become more effective, have higher levels of business performance and personal satisfaction.

To sum up my vision for the Peak Workout Family Business Performance Center™ , it is about helping family businesses find peace, purpose and prosperity via practice!

Here’s what you need to do to get access to the practices. I’m asking you to commit to the following:

  • Be committed to working hard on making your family business and your individual performance stronger
  • Don’t give up, be resilient and optimistic about the outcome
  • Be courageous with yourself and others
  • Give me feedback on what’s working (from the practices) and coach me with new ideas for helping your family and others in the community

Okay are you ready to go? Please complete the form below so I can begin sending you my Deliberate practices. I promise you that I won’t be sharing your information with anyone.

Thanks for joining the team! Let’s play to your potential!

Coach Pete

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