Make a shift – build leadership muscle!

If employees were as motivated, smart, self disciplined, and hard-working as you’d want them to be they would be working for themselves! 

I’m amazed how many times the CEOs and Leaders that I’m working with are so discouraged and disappointed that they have to be the one setting the tone and setting the bar for great performance.  Don’t get me wrong.  What we’re going for is to have employees who are self correcting, self motivating, and inspired to be on the team.

On some level the reality is as a Leader your going to be the biggest pacesetter and cheerleader of them all.

Get over it!

A business coach can help you learn or refine the skills essential to being a great leader these days.  New leadership muscle can be acquired with a little hard work and stretching with your business coach.  If you are ready for the challenge, contact

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  • Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010
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