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Tapping Into Renewable Energy

Tamara Woodbury, the CEO of Girl Scouts, Cactus Pine Council says, “One of our greatest sources of renewable energy is the human spirit.”

As the coaching leader, that is the energy you are trying to tap into!  Have you noticed how on workdays people tend to hit the snooze button twice and drag themselves out of bed to go to work?  On weekends, we just jump out of bed and get going toward something we love to do.

What difference would it make in your business if people came to work with that kind of energy every day?  That is the kind of energy that is available and can be brought out by a great coach.  The mission of Coaching is to help people uncover what matters most to them and identify their greatest strengths. 

When you learn what matters most to people, you begin to tap into a new level of energy that is not often found in the work setting.  Couple that energy with a higher degree of personal accountability, a clearer focus on results, and you begin to get a sense of what coaching can bring you as a leader.

 As people get clear about what is most important to them, and what their greatest gifts are, one possible scenario is they decide they are on the wrong team or in the wrong position.  As a leader running a business, it is better to have people who are fully committed and engaged in what they are doing.

Most people are not in this state of renewable energy, they are in various states of sleep walking, resentment and discouragement.  This energy has incredible productivity and morale value to corporate America every day. Coaching can tap into this renewable energy.