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Make sure to take charge of your team!

The number one thing is to show genuine concern and appreciation for the people doing the hard work.  Great leaders forge strong connections through both words and actions.  They walk the talk.  When you have loyal and dedicated followers they will scale mountains for you.

 Unfortunately too many leaders are either too task oriented or too relationship oriented.  The most successful leaders I see have found a beautiful balance between those orientations.

 Secondly make clear connections between personal vision and company vision.  Make sure the people can see their own personal gain for all of their hard work.  Great companies have simple and clearly articulated compensation systems.  When the rewards and consequences are clearly outlined hard-working, smart people take care of their own accountability for results.

 Lastly, learn how to have some fun.  Some of the most hard-working, productive and successful teams I work with also know how to have fun and not take any of it too seriously.  Mood has a huge impact on productivity and focus.  Great leaders have an artful way of creating environments that have intensity with lightheartedness and humanity. 

 As we all know, is a highly competitive world out there.  It is going to take hard work, dedication and focus to succeed financially.  But that doesn’t have to mean at the cost of human spirit.  We aren’t going to go back to the days of factory work/sweatshops.  Successful companies of the future are creating highly productive, hard-working, yet intrinsically rewarded workers.  It can be done I see it happening.